• 2017 World Championship

    Group Stage 3

    Selbynho 8 v 0 MARCO PE

  • 2017 World Championship

    Group Stage 1

    Bieniek 3 v 3 MARCO PE

  • 2017 World Championship

    Group Stage 5

    Jasiek 8 v 5 Mateo

  • 2017 World Championship

    Group Stage 4

    Pawell 4 v 8 Barteek

  • 2017 World Championship

    Group Stage 3

    Bieniek 8 v 1 Mateo

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How the site works...

Group Allocations

Groups are a combination of randomness and structure, are are very similar to the intial setup.

All registered players are ordered according to their provisional ranking. They are then separated into tiers according to how many groups are created. These tiers are then randomised and allocated to each group

An Example...

Assuming there are 3 groups, the top 3 ranked players would all be in different groups. On current rankings, this would be Dott, Bieniek and Lakowim.

Then, the next 3 players on the ranked list are allocated at random, one to each group.

This continues until all players have been allocated.

Knockout Allocation

When the knockout rounds are created, half of the qualifiers will be 'seeded'. These will be the best performing group players (matches won, +/- frames).

The seeds will avoid playing each other in the first knockout round, and will play another qualifier.

The Seed vs. Qualifiers are selected completely at random, as are the order of the matches. After the first match has been set, the knockout stage progresses as normal.

Ranking Points

Ranking points are allocated as follows;

Knockout Finishes

Tournament Winner
Runner Up
1/2 Final
1/4 Final
Last 16
Qualifying Round

Group Finishes

2nd Place in Group
3rd Place in Group
4th Place in Group
5th Place in Group
6th Place in Group
7th Place in Group
8th Place in Group

High Breaks

Highest Break

* All points are muliplied by the tournament multiplier except for 147+. Points for highest break or 147+ are divided equally for each break scored.