Odrl : 118, 136, 132, 134 | Barteek : 144

3-2 to Barteek in the first session. It was an extraordinary evening, something that would need to be seen to be believed. There was either an outrageous fluke or a very unlucky foul in literally every single frame, some frames even had both. It could have gone 5-0 to Barteek in all honesty, but I managed to come from behind in a couple of frames to limit the damage. I am hoping for a better day tomorrow. :)

Another very interesting session. I was in danger of going three frames behind on a couple of occasions, so I am quite happy to be level. Barteek opened with a total clearance of 144, and he had great chances in each of the next three frames, but he played two shots where the object ball never reached the pocket. Luckily I had the composure to steal two frames on the colours, then made a century of my own in the last frame of the session. Should be an interesting conclusion. :)

The final session was less interesting, as I managed to win all five frames and run away with the match. I made three centuries tonight, so I can be happy with my performance. In the last frame I even potted a 4-ball plant off the side cushion, so things really started going for me towards the end. Barteek had a couple of chances as well, but he struggled to put any decent break together tonight.

In the end I think Barteek lost the match in the first half, because he had some chances to pull a couple of frames away, but I somehow managed to stay in the match. I stole a couple of frames on the colours after Barteek had broken down, and I think that made the difference. If this was a shorter match, I would have lost. :)

Thanks for a very fun game and good luck next month. :)

Five UK titles in a row. :p