Odrl : 106, 132, 100, 134

This was one of the quickest matches I have ever played, mainly because everything was going in tonight.

Pawell had an outrageous fluke in the first frame, but then missed a red, and I cleared up with 106. I then knocked in a great long red, played some precise shots to leave myself a chance to play the split, and I ended up clearing the table with a 132. In the next frame I knocked in a nice red to the middle from a very awkward angle, and I made a break of 100 from it. Then just to rub it in, Pawell was very unlucky to set up a 5-ball plant on his only safety shot in the last frame. I cleared the table again, this time with a break of 134.

Sometimes you get nights like these when everything goes right, and it is a nice feeling when it happens. Thanks for the game and good luck against MiCzu. :)


The perfect summary of this match is that my biggest break was 11 points...
Thanks for this game lesson and good luck in next matches in this tournament. :)