Hi. I have not heard from you and we are four days past the deadline now. I will proceed with the draw tonight (Tuesday), so any games that have not been played by then will be entered as walkovers. :)

Alright, Tuesday has passed and there are still two outstanding games. As far as I know your game with Greg is not scheduled to be played and neither player has claimed the walkover, so I can only resolve it by the comments left in the match description, which means in favour of Greg for following the protocol. Unfortunately that also decides the group standings.

As for our match, I am happy to play it tomorrow. I expect to be home all day.

My match againt Miczu was my last one. This is way too much for me....Greg was online 1(one) day on sunday and i tried to contact him at least four days on hamachi with no succes and you decide he must win....great. Last tournament was finished weeks after the deadline, it was no problem...
Anyway....that was my last mach...i want to erase me from the web. If you cannot do it tell how to contact Andy so i can ask him to do it.

I am not really sure what to say to that... It did not seem like a controversial decision to me, so I did not expect to have to defend it, but nevertheless here is my reasoning...

We agreed last year that any problems with arranging matches would be handled by players leaving comments in the match description. This makes it clear whether the players made a genuine effort to play their match, and it allows us to enter a walkover as soon as the deadline has passed. I know you and I spoke about this last August.

So in this specific case there was a message from Greg posted very early in the tournament, asking for a convenient time for you to play, a message to which you did not reply. You then complained about failing to reach Greg on hamachi, and Greg suggested a specific time for you two to play, again with no reply. Even five days after the deadline that was all the communication posted between you. I know you were still hoping to play Greg yesterday, but expecting to catch him at a specific time without prior notice does not really constitute the best possible effort to arrange and play the match, at least in my opinion. Then there was the fact that Greg was able to play all of his other matches by the time the deadline had passed, while you had only played one in more than two weeks, so there was really no other possible decision.

Regarding the previous tournament (and the one before that, which was a similar story), you are right, it was not really a big problem. The delay was caused by the temporary absence of Marco Pe, of which we were informed in advance, and the players who were still in the tournament by that point all agreed to wait for his return. I was his next opponent, so I could have easily claimed the walkover, but I granted his request to postpone the match, like I have done every single time in such circumstances since I have joined the league, including yesterday when I agreed to play you five days after the deadline. The situations are very different though. Last month we were able to proceed with the next tournament even before the previous one concluded, so as to not keep anyone waiting, while here there were eight players waiting to start the playoff, and there was not even an explanation let alone an apology offered for the delay.

I would never have agreed to handle the tournaments on the site if I had known I would have to deal with situations like these, but here we are... I have no wish to upset anyone, but I do think this was the correct call and an overreaction on your part. I cannot handle player profiles on the site, so if you still wish to contact Andy you can do so by e-mail, at the address he posted on TSF when inviting players to join.

Adrian : Thank you....i will email Andy. As for ”best effort to arrange a match” ...i tried to contact him on hamachi in 4 different days (3 of those were in a row) and i had no answer from him. Even if you are not online now, if you see the message posted, you can answer the next day and try to arrange something. I got no answer from Greg on hamachi. Posting a message on site with only one day when you are available and that to be considered a good effort to arrange a match is really a joke. As is your decision, in my opinion.
As for explanation or apologies for the delay i think i tried my best to play greg and by the time you ”decided” to award him the win i played 2 other matches.
From my point of view its all clear and i think what you did is an aberrant decision considering the facts, so i will not disturb your fine progress of the snooker site anymore.