Bieniek : 124, 136, 118, 142, 130 | Odrl : 106

Great performance from Bieniek tonight, and my first defeat in a playoff match since May 2014. :)

Frame 1: I attempted a stupid plant and left everything on. Bieniek made an 82 to win the frame in one visit.

Frame 2: Bieniek missed a long pot and left a red over the pocket, but I managed to snooker myself on every colour. There was no escape, and Bieniek cleared up with 130.

Frame 3: I rolled into the pack off the side cushion and left a pot to the middle. Bieniek cleared the table again with a 142.

Frame 4: Bieniek fouled and left the white in hand. I only made a small break before running out of position. I then got a good pot to the baulk pocket and cleared up with 106.

Frame 5: Tough frame to lose for me... I got in with a good plant but did not finish on a colour, so I played a snooker. This gave me another chance, but I missed a plant on 63-0, with 67 still on the table. Bieniek took a couple of pinks, then tried to play a snooker behind the black on the last red and got it behind the pink instead. I was able to push the red onto the side cushion and snooker Bieniek behind the yellow, but it was an easy escape. Bieniek then got a ridiculous pot, with the white near the black and the red on the baulk cushion behind the brown spot. I almost suspect it was a complete fluke. :) Bieniek had to take another pink, which meant he could only force a re-spotted black. He won the toss and put me in. I attempted a long treble, but missed it by a millimetre and left the black over the pocket. 4-1.

Frame 6: Bieniek fouled again and left me a pot from in hand. This time I made a good 97 to take the frame.

Frame 7: I got a crazy pot and snookered Bieniek behind the brown, with the reds scattered everywhere. Bieniek hit the blue on his escape and left the white awkward, so I missed a tricky cut above the black. Bieniek then potted a good red to the middle and cleared up with 118, with a bit of luck along the way.

Frame 8: I left a red on when escaping from a snooker and Bieniek made a flawless total clearance of 136.

Frame 9: This time it was Bieniek who got the good long pot, then made a 124 to win frame and match.

Well, I can say I played some awful snooker up to 3-0, but after that I did not do too much wrong. It was good stuff from Bieniek.

Thanks for a nice game, as usual, and good luck in the final. :)