Bieniek : 123, 113 | Odrl : 124, 105, 108, 147, 141

So far it has been an interesting game, as always between us, but perhaps a few more mistakes than usual. :)

Frame 1: Bieniek left a red on from distance and I potted it, but I finished on nothing after the split. There was a very thin cut in baulk, but I missed it, left it over the pocket and covered it. There was a few safety shots, until Bieniek went for a thin cut along the black cushion. He missed the pot, but the white cannoned into the pack, knocked a red onto a red near the blue spot, which cannoned off the green onto the red over the pocket and knocked it in. Amazing. :) Bieniek then made an 87 to win the first frame.

Frame 2: Bieniek went for two thin cuts below the pack, like Dott usually does, but he missed both times and left the second red on. I then made a break of 147, which needed quite a few tricky shots, so it was a pretty good break.

Frame 3: Bieniek attempted a plant and missed it, but only left a very thin cut from distance. I missed it but I did not get punished, as Bieniek failed to split the pack. After some safety Bieniek left a red on, but I immediately missed a red to the middle at pace. I was lucky to leave nothing easy, so Bieniek played a very difficult pot to the baulk pocket and missed it. I then ran into more trouble after I finished on nothing when splitting the reds, but this time I recovered with a good pot into a blind pocket, and I cleared the table with a 108.

Frame 4: Bieniek went for another cut and missed it, but again I failed to punish him, missing a black off the spot with the rest, when trying to split the reds. Bieniek then made a good 123.

Frame 5: This time I played the crazy cut and left everything on. Bieniek was a little unlucky with the split as well and he could not quite recover position, which led to him missing a long blue. I broke down as well, after I failed to split the pack from the blue. There was a safety exchange, which ended with a mistake from Bieniek. The brown was close to the side cushion, with a red below it, but I was not sure whether the pot was on. I am not sure if Bieniek was trying to pot it, or just knock it onto the brown, but in any case he played it poorly and left it on. I made a small contribution again, then failed to split the pack for the 100th time, but this time I was able to play a good snooker behind the yellow, which forced a mistake and left me in for the frame.

Frame 6: Bieniek played a good safety to force a mistake, but he hit a red too slowly and it failed to reach the pocket. This was a chance for me to lead 4-2 but I wasted it. I tried to split the reds from a red, but I got stuck in the pack somewhat and missed a tricky pink to the baulk pocket. Bieniek then took his chance with a 72.

Frame 7: Bieniek played another good safety and I played a pretty poor escape, leaving a red on. This time Bieniek did punish me, with a break of 95.

Frame 8: One of the longest safety battles of the match, until Bieniek pocketed the white and left a possible pot from in hand. I got it, but the colours were difficult, so it was a lot of hard work to make a break of 105, with mostly the pink.

Frame 9: Another long safety battle which ended identically, with Bieniek fouling the white. I made a small break, then the split went wrong, like so many times in this session. Another small safety battle followed, until Bieniek went for a crazy shot and missed it. I took the loose reds but did not get a good angle for the split, so I broke down again. Finally Bieniek made another safety mistake which gave me the chance to win the frame and lead 5-4 after the first session.

We finish tonight. This match has 8-7 written all over it. :)

Frame 10: Bieniek played a good snooker and I left a touching ball on my escape. This allowed Bieniek to play another tight snooker behind the green. I rested on the pink on my escape, leaving a free ball. Bieniek potted a long green and went straight into the pack off two cushions. He left himself an almost identical green from distance, but this time he missed it and left everything on. I quickly developed the black spot area, then cleared the table with a 141.

Frame 11: Bieniek missed the reds on a safety shot and left a free ball. I took the green and got straight onto the black. The split did not go well, but I was just about on a red. I then tried to play another cannon into the pack but I missed the black. Bieniek punished me with a clearance of 113.

Frame 12: I played an excellent snooker behind yellow and brown, which were close together near the baulk cushion. Bieniek made a very good effort from a difficult position, but he was unlucky to rest on the pink and leave a free ball. I made a break of 39, then had to go through the reds with backspin when potting a red, and the white finished above the black, snookered on every other colour. I just played off the black onto the cushion, leaving Bieniek a pot on, but not a sitter. Bieniek got it, but soon lost position himself and missed a tricky red. I then made enough to leave Bieniek needing snookers. He played on for a while, but conceded another eight points, while I escaped the only snooker he got.

Frame 13: I hit the middle knuckle with my first shot, leaving an easy starter. Bieniek left himself the angle on the black to split the reds, but he missed the pot and left everything on. I then made a good 68, before missing a sitter. Bieniek played on for one snooker, but was a little unlucky and left a pot on with three reds still on the table.

We made some mistakes tonight, but it was still a good game, and good fun, as usual. :)

If the draw allows for it, I am sure we will meet in the British Open final as well. :)

8 in a row. :p