Bieniek : 123, 134, 103, 134 | Odrl : 140, 105, 128, 133, 134

A superb match, as usual with Bieniek. We played it in one session, more than 5 hours, and we made 9 centuries in 11 frames. :)

Frame 1: I missed the reds on my first shot and hit the middle knuckle, leaving an easy starter. Bieniek split the reds superbly, but then snookered himself on all colours behind a red. He played the white next to the black, leaving a couple of tricky pots, and I missed a red to the middle. Bieniek then cleared the table with a 123.

Frame 2: I played a stupid plant and split the reds everywhere. The black was completely tied up, but Bieniek made a lovely break of 134 on a tough table, probably the best break of the night. :)

Frame 3: Bieniek left a red at the side of the pack. I knocked it in, then cleared the table with a break of 140, to win my first frame.

Frame 4: I found a plant to get in, but struggled a little with my break. I broke down 68 ahead, with 67 on. Bieniek played on for snookers, but I was eventually able to pot another red.

Frame 5: I left a possible pot on but Bieniek missed it, leaving everything on. The black was on the cushion, and I left it in the jaws when I tried to cut it in. The white finished in baulk, snookering Bieniek on everything that went to the other corner, while the black was obviously blocking one corner. Bieniek played the safety but left a chance. I finished on nothing after the split, with no easy safety on. I tried a delicate shot to rest on a red but I left a pot on, and Bieniek cleared the table with a 103.

Frame 6: Bieniek played a red up the table, so there was a bit of containing safety at the black end. Eventually Bieniek took the risk and allowed me to see the loose red. It was a tough pot but I got it, then made a very slow and very nervy break of 105. Hard work.

Frame 7: Bieniek played some excellent safety to force a mistake. He split the reds everywhere, but the white flew up the table, cannoned the brown and finished in the pocket. I took advantage with a clearance of 128, to take the lead for the first time in the match.

Frame 8: Another very lucky frame for me. I went for a tough pot and screwed off the reds back to baulk. I missed it, but there was nothing on for Bieniek. He got a decent safety, but this time I was able to pot one and clear up with a 133.

Frame 9: It could have gone 6-3 here, but I guess I was due a bit of bad luck. I got in with a controlled pot from distance to finish on the black, then played the split, but finished on nothing. There was another exchange of containing safety, before I lost patience and went for a silly double. Bieniek punished me with a lovely break of 134.

Frame 10: I found a good 4-ball plant, but I broke down on around 40, missing another red to the middle, similar to the one in the first frame. Bieniek made a small break to get back into the frame, then missed a long pink. There were two reds left. I potted the first one, then played an excellent long blue to cannon the other one, but I pushed it safe. After a few shots Bieniek knocked the white in, so I was able to take the red on from baulk. I missed it and left it over the pocket. Bieniek took the easy balls up to the final blue, but the pink and black were both on the black cushion, so it took a delicate shot to get position. Unfortunately for Bieniek he snookered himself behind the black. At this point I have to say that Bieniek is a very fair player and a true gentleman of the game. I know some players would have happily played a \"safe\" escape and left the pink on the cushion, knowing that the game is unlikely to call a foul and miss, but Bieniek tried his best and played a great shot to hit the pink. Unfortunately he left a sitter for me to clinch the frame.

Frame 11: Bieniek went for a somewhat ambitious plant and missed it, leaving an easy starter. I cleared the table with a pretty flawless 134 to win frame and match.

The luck was definitely on my side tonight, as if I was destined to win. :) And I think that was what made the difference in the end, between two very evenly-matched players.

Thanks for another classic final and I hope to meet you in the next one as well. :)

7 in a row. ;)