Odrl : 106, 141, 111, 120, 134 | Bieniek : 134, 108, 138

Another classic final between us this season, and this time I just about prevailed by a couple of frames. :)

The match started poorly, with a bunch of wasted chances in the first frame, which I was finally able to take on my fourth scoring visit. The second frame was better, Bieniek had the initial chance, but was very unlucky to knock a red in on the split attempt. I then cleared to win the frame on the colours.

I then played two excellent frames, both times knocking in a great red from distance and clearing the table. The second break was probably the better one, built mostly with the blue, as I only developed the black late in the break. This gave me a 4-0 lead, and I was beginning to suspect I would win easily again.

But I was very much mistaken, as Bieniek won four straight frames with four big breaks. In the fifth frame he got a great cut from distance to get in. In the sixth frame I missed a plant to let him in. In the seventh frame he went for a long pot, missed it, but scattered the reds everywhere and fluked one. In the eighth frame Bieniek played a good safety to force a mistake. So, different ways to get in, but the scoring was quite consistent, flawless in fact.

I was able to regain some momentum in the next frame. I had a couple of chances, but the split went against me, so I had to settle for a safety. Eventually I got in for another century.

In the tenth frame Bieniek immediately left a long red on. I played a controlled positional shot to stay on the black, but I missed the red and left everything on. Bieniek then made another flawless break to level the score at 5-5.

In the eleventh frame the safety was mostly played at the black end, with a couple of reds knocked away from the pack. Bieniek tried to play back to baulk, but missed the reds completely and left a free ball. I then made a good 141 clearance to get within a frame of victory.

I played a strong last frame. I found a three-ball plant in the pack, then made another pretty flawless century, breaking down on the final red.

Thanks for another great match and good luck in the World Championship. :)