Odrl : 124, 105 | Bieniek : 102

A quick game.

Frame 1: I went for an ambitious plant, missed it, and scattered the reds everywhere. Amazingly there was nothing easy on, so Bieniek was forced to take on a tough red and missed it. I then cleared up with 124, taking mostly pinks.

Frame 2: Bieniek had the first chance but failed to split the reds from the brown. I had the next chance, but also broke down when I snookered myself on all colours after a cannon. I played off two cushions behind the brown and got a tight snooker. If there was more pressure on this match I would have been pretty proud of that shot. :) Bieniek then left everything on after a hit-and-hope, and I cleared up with a 97.

Frame 3: I went for a tough red from distance and missed it. I almost got away with it again, but this time I left a red on and Bieniek made a nice century, just breaking down on the final green.

Frame 4: I went for another long pot and got it this time. I then made another century, but fouled when trying to play position on the final yellow.

Thanks for the game and good luck in the playoff. :)