Bieniek : 134 | Odrl : 131, 139, 102, 137

A quality start, but not without mistakes. :)

Frame 1: Bieniek left a possible plant when escaping from a snooker. I got it, then got myself in a good position, but broke down on 60 after I got stuck in the pack when trying to split the remaining cluster. I was able to leave the white in the same position, leaving Bieniek with an impossible safety. He left a red on, which was all I needed.

Frame 2: Bieniek left another red when escaping from a snooker. I screwed off the pack and finished in baulk, with no easy pot on. I played the long green, missed it, but covered the pocket, so there was nothing on. After a safety exchange I hit the middle knuckle and left everything on. Bieniek cleared up with a lovely break of 134.

Frame 3: The safety was again resolved when Bieniek fouled on a snooker escape. There was no easy shot on, but I did not want Bieniek to go for a thin cut, so I played it myself and missed it. Bieniek then had a little bit of bad luck, leaving himself no shot after the split, and he missed an impossible pot along the black cushion. I then cleared the table with a good 131.

Frame 4: Bieniek knocked a red out of the pack. I played a couple of good shots to open up the table, then broke down on around 90.

Some more snooker tonight. :)

No detailed report on the second session, because eight frames are a bit too much for me to remember.

I started very well, with two centuries to go 5-1 in front. It should have been 6-1 with another one, but I missed an easy frame ball brown to the middle. Luckily for me Bieniek had a really bad day, so he missed a similar shot himself and gifted me the frame.

Bieniek generally did not get much luck in this session, apart from one outrageous fluke early on. A few more mistakes from Bieniek got me 8-1 in front, then 9-1 after a slightly impatient safety shot. I played a similar one myself in the next frame, and Bieniek got a good long pot and won the frame in one visit.

No comeback this time though, as I got a good cut from distance in the final frame and cleared the table with a nice 137.

I played well all in all, and I am pleased with a convincing victory over my toughest opponent this season, but I realize the score could have been much closer had I caught him on a better day. :)

My fifth title of the season, already more than I managed last season. I am also pleased to become the first player to win four in a row. :)

Thanks for the game and good luck in the Polska Championship. I will not be surprised if we meet in the final again. :)