Odrl : 125, 116, 125, 140, 148 | Attilahun : 122

Well, not a great start for me, obviously. I counted eight chances in the first three frames, but I only got one frame from them, with a 125 total clearance. The rest were wasted by missed pots, poor positional shots and connection problems. Attilahun also broke down quite a few times, winning one frame with a high break of 40 and the other in his second visit as well.

Hopefully the standard improves in the rest of the match. We play two sessions tomorrow, hopefully to a finish.

The fourth frame was another shocking one. We both had three chances, so that makes it eleven chances in four frames for me, but I am 3-1 down. :) Unfortunately there was no more time to play this morning, so hopefully a longer session tonight.

A much better standard in the evening session. I lost the first two frames to go 5-1 behind, but this time I only had one chance in each frame, as Attilahun took his chances to win them in one visit. I missed a black off the spot by a mile in the first frame, not sure what happened. In the second frame I had an in-off in the middle at a pretty narrow angle, leaving an unlikely free ball, and that turned out to be my last shot. Attilahun scored his first century, a nice 122, although he did have a bit of luck when he potted a red off another red.

After that I played better, winning the next four frames with three centuries and another high break, not really giving any scoring chances away.

So, a best-of-5 remains, hopefully played Friday evening. :)

We played another two frames. I had the first chance in the 11th frame, but I left things awkward after the split. I went for a blind-pocket cut and missed it, leaving everything on for Attilahun. He made a solid break, getting past snookers required in that visit to take the lead again.

It could have gone 7-5, but I was lucky to survive the next frame. I think this was the first frame in the entire match where my opponent had the first scoring chance. He did play two fairly poor safety shots earlier, but got away with them, then played a good snooker from a touching ball, and I was not able to escape. Attilahun did well to develop the table and give himself the chance, but he lost position and had to play a tricky yellow, which he missed. I then did enough to level the score again.

We finally managed to finish this morning. In the first frame Attilahun missed the reds completely and left a free ball. I played on the blue, then developed the reds for a supermaximum chance. I chose to take some lower colours to make sure of the frame, but I still managed to clear up with a break of 148.

The last frame had a safety battle at the beginning. Not super long, but still probably one of the longest exchanges of the match. It was resolved when Attilahun knocked two reds out of the pack and covered them with the blue. I messed up the safety and left the chance. Attilahun took most of the loose reds, but eventually ran out of position and had to play a very difficult pot. I was left with a slightly easier pot and got it, but finished on nothing after splitting the pack from the pink. I played two pretty poor safety shots, but I was lucky that Attilahun missed a pot from distance, although it was by no means easy. I then cleared up for frame and match.

Good game all in all, but obviously we are both capable of playing much better than that. :)

Good luck in the Polska Championship.