Habek : 107

Hi Attilahun, when could we play the match? I prefer in the evening, starting from 8 pm.

Hello. I was online these days but i didnt see you. I can play in the afternoon, not sure about the evenings, but we can talk on hamachi and set up the match.

It is 8 30 and i am online but you are not...please tell me a day you can play the match. I am unavailable from tomorrow at 4 until sunday evening

Atilla, I can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t sit and wait for you to get online every day ;-)

My proposition: 29.09.2014 20.00 Polish time
30.09.2014 20.00 Polish time.
Please answer which is ok for you.

BRG Habek

This is unbelievable...i was online last week every evening from monday to thursday and sunday evening. You were not online at all and now you say you cant wait for me to be online. Mate I WAS ONLINE and YOU WERE NOT....I said hello on hamachi several times and i got no answer from you.....i will be home today around 21 polish time and i hope you will be too

So we can play please join network wcs-937...password snooker....

Habek...if you will not join wcs-937 we cannot play the match and i will enter a w/o...i am tired to wait for you....other players asked you to join the network but you dont answer. What is going on ?

OK we finally set the mach to wednesday 1.10 20.00 I hope it\\\'s no problem.