Odrl : 133, 108, 133 | Bieniek : 110

Good match!

Frame 1: Bieniek left a possible red to the middle on a snooker escape, but I decided it was too tough, so I put Bieniek back in. He went for it, missed it, and I made a good break to win the frame in one visit.

Frame 2: Bieniek got an unwanted cannon on a safety shot and left a chance. I was able to cannon the black out of the pack on my opening pot, and I left it in a perfect spot to play the split a couple of shots later. I then made an excellent clearance of 133 to take the frame.

Frame 3: I made an unforced safety mistake and left a pot for Bieniek, although it was not easy. Bieniek got it, but only scored 1, as he saw the white cannon off a red and go straight into the middle pocket. I made another good break to take a 3-0 lead.

Frame 4: I left a red on from a snooker escape to give Bieniek his best chance in the match up to that point. He made a small contribution, then missed a brown off its spot. I scored well again, just missing out on the century.

Frame 5: Bieniek got a series of snookers and eventually forced a mistake from me. The hit-and-hope opening pot developed everything, and Bieniek made no mistake, winning the frame with a solid 95.

Frame 6: Bieniek took a calculated risk by leaving a tough cut on a red. I got it, but left the black obscured from one side. I struggled to keep position and eventually snookered myself on the only potable red. It was my turn to take a calculated risk, leaving Bieniek a tough pot to the middle. He got it, then cleared the table with an excellent 110.

Frame 7: Bieniek was unlucky to set up a possible plant on his first safety shot, and I potted it and scattered the reds everywhere. The white finished in baulk with no pot on, so I played a nasty snooker behind the yellow. There was no escape, so Bieniek tried a hit and hope, but did not get lucky. I knocked the black to the side cushion on my first pot, and even though I had a chance to pot it I decided to leave it there for the rest of the break. I made a very good clearance of 108 with mostly blue and pink.

Frame 8: The long safety battle was resolved when Bieniek pocketed the white, and left a possible pot from in hand. I got it, then played an excellent long brown to split the reds. I broke down fairly early after an unlucky split. I attempted a snooker behind the black, but left a very thin cut on for Bieniek, and he got it. He then broke down himself when he screwed off the pink into the middle. I cleared the remainder of the reds for the frame.

Frame 9: I brought reds out of the pack when I hit a safety too thickly and left Bieniek in. He had an extremely unlucky split, leaving himself stuck in the pack with no safety on. He attempted an impossible pot to the middle and came within a millimetre of getting it, great effort. I then had the chance to win frame and match, but immediately played an awful shot and left myself snookered on everything behind a red. I attempted to pot one of the cushion but missed it. Bieniek then made a solid break, just missing out on the century.

Frame 10: Bieniek played two reds up the table, so the safety transferred to the black end. Bieniek was the first to make a mistake on a delicate safety, and I cleared the table with an excellent 133 for the match.

I lost the last two matches to Bieniek, the one in the Masters was a real thrashing, so this needed to be done. :)

Thanks for a great game, as usual, and see you in the playoff next month. :)