Odrl : 117, 120, 145

Frame 1: I had the first chance and was looking good for the frame, but I ran out of position when I was trying to develop the remainder of the cluster on 50. I missed a tricky red to the middle and gave the chance to Attilahun. He then finished pretty straight on the black and tried to play position off two cushions with topspin, but was unlucky to find the middle pocket with the white. It was then easy for me to win the frame.

Frame 2: Attilahun played a safety onto the black cushion and left a possible cut above the black, but I missed it. Attilahun then tried to split the pack and missed it altogether, but he still finished on a loose red. He attempted another split off the red and got stuck in the pack with no colour on. He played a delicate shot to leave everything safe. I did well to play the white in a similar position, and the next safety from Attilahun left reds on. I then made a pretty flawless break of 120 to the black.

Frame 3: I played one of my worst break-off shots ever, leaving a potable red at the edge of the pack. It was not a sitter, but Attilahun got the pot, then made a good 85 to win the frame in one visit, recovering position a couple of times with the baulk colours.

Frame 4: Attilahun played a poor snooker escape off two cushions, going beyond the pack to leave a loose red on. I played an aggressive shot, going through the reds on my initial pot, but I finished in baulk, with the blue blocked to the corner. I then played a good brown to continue my break, eventually breaking down on the final pink on 117.

We will probably continue tomorrow. :)

Frame 5: I played a good snooker and forced the mistake from Attilahun, then made a very good total clearance of 145. I had a problem after a cannon went against me, but I got a delicate pot to the middle to continue my break.

Frame 6: Attilahun went in-off on his first safety and also brought a red out at the edge of the pack. I got the pot and got myself in a perfect position to win the match, but played a pretty poor split on 50 and only left myself a tough pot to the yellow pocket. I missed it, then Attilahun had a chance for a century himself if he cleared the table, but he broke down on 60, after hitting the middle knuckle and going in-off in the opposite middle. I had a pretty simple pot from in hand, but left it in the jaws. Attilahun then cleared to the blue for 4-2.

Frame 7: A somewhat longer safety battle this time. I made the first mistake, leaving Attilahun a possible pot from distance. He decided against it, then left a pot himself a few moments later. I got it, but I struggled slightly with the awkwardly placed reds just above the black spot. Eventually I got myself in a good position, and only a bit of complacency on 80 prevented another century.

Pretty good standard of breakbuilding, but I had a lot more chances, so I think safety was what made the difference in the end.

Thanks for the game and good luck in the Grand Prix, if you are playing. :)