Odrl : 142 | Bieniek : 100

A quick game, with quite a few mistakes...

Frame 1: I went for two difficult pots. The first time I got away with it, the second time I left everything on. Bieniek broke down, but I played an awful safety to give him another chance, and he made a very good clearance of 100, including great shots on yellow and green.

Frame 2: Bieniek went for a tough pot and left a red on. I made a pretty flawless clearance of 142.

Frame 3: I missed a pot but fluked it to the opposite corner. I finished on nothing after the split, so I played into the pack off the side cushion. A short safety exchange followed, until Bieniek went for a crazy pot and missed it. I wasted another chance, playing a careless positional shot that only left me a tricky pot to the green pocket. Bieniek then finished too close to a red and missed the cut. I only just got past snookers required on my next visit. Bieniek had the chance to clear the reds, but he missed from distance and left it over the pocket.

Frame 4: I got a good pot and made a small break, then finished too straight on the black and missed the split off the blue. I played safe and fouled, but left nothing. Bieniek went in-off and left a possible red from distance. I got it, then took the couple of balls I needed to secure the match.

Thanks for the game and see you in the playoff. :)