Bieniek : 124, 114 | Odrl : 112, 138, 104

That was a great match, played in a marathon 6-hour session. Virtually every frame was either a century or decided on the final colours. :)

Frames 1-3: Great start for Bieniek. He immediately played a great blind-pocket plant after my snooker escape and cleared the table with a break of 124. In the second frame I potted a great 4-ball plant off the side cushion, but then got stuck in the cluster after a poor cannon. Bieniek punished me again with another good break. I had another chance in the third frame, but I had to play a long yellow with deep screw and I rested on the black, snookered on the easy reds. I then missed a tough red to the baulk pocket and Bieniek cleared up again for 3-0.

Frames 4-5: Excellent response from me, first a break of 112, then a total clearance of 138 after Bieniek only just missed a red and left it in the jaws.

Frame 6: One of the pivotal frames. I went for a cut above the black and failed to cover it with the pack, so Bieniek had the first chance. He made a 58, before losing position. A safety battle followed, until Bieniek left a pot on. I then made an excellent clearance to win the frame on the pink and level the score at 3-3.

Frame 7: Another high break from me to take the lead for the first time.

Frames 8-10: Three very nervy frames. Bieniek had the first chance in the 8th frame and took a decent lead, before losing position and going for a very ambitious pot. I made another very good break to win on the blue. I then had an excellent chance to take a 6-3 lead, but played a poor shot on 30, resting on the blue with no colour on. I attempted the blind pot on the blue to the green pocket, but got nowhere near. Bieniek then took the easy reds to get in front in the frame, but missed the final red along the cushion. I played a very nervy black and left myself the wrong angle on the yellow, then failed to avoid the cannon on the green. I played safe, then Bieniek immediately replied with a great snooker. He potted the green along the black cushion and got the cannon on the brown, pushing it over the pocket, 5-4. It could have gone 5-5 as well, but I was lucky to survive the next frame. I had two chances. The first one was wasted when I failed to split the reds. The second time I did get an excellent split from the green, but had to cannon them again from the black and only left myself a pot to the middle, which I missed. Bieniek once again had two reds near the side cushion. The first one he got, the second one stayed over the pocket. This time I was able to make the clearance, even though I played some nervy shots.

Frame 11: I got an excellent pot and split the reds everywhere. I struggled to get the black open, and even when I finally succeeded I struggled to get perfect position on it, so I mainly built my break with the blue. Luckily I got over the finishing line, breaking down on 104.

A very fun game, played in a good spirit throughout. I think this was the first time I played Bieniek in a final, long overdue, and I hope we meet again soon. Good luck next month. :)