Davo Sullivan
Davo Sullivan
Davo Sullivan : 142, 149, 141, 141, 137 | Attilahun : 127

1 session 3-2 Davo
It was a session with attacking snooker, but with a lot of mistakes and missed shots from both of us. We both had chances to win in every frame of the session. In the end Davo made one mistake less so he won the session 3-2.
Davo has won most of the safety battles and got to the table first with a scoring opportunity. The 6th frame was no different and Davo got to 32 before another poor split left the reds spread with only a ridiculous cut along the bottom cushion as a possible red. This was missed and Adrian got to 60ish playing safe off the final red. It was Adrian that produced the snooker and won the safety battle to clear and take the frame.
Session III: Davo was more successful opening the pack in this session and completed a 4-0 victory including 2 x 141 total clearances. A 147 chance ended at 96 missing a red to the middle pocket, very poor indeed.
Session IV: Davo continued to win the safety battles and was first to score in all 5 frames. Two total clearances were the highlight of the session, one being yet another supermaximum to add to the collection.
Session V: Davo gifted Adrian a supermaximum opportunity after missing the fine edge off the reds. Unfortunately he potted the white with the first red leaving 139 on the table. Davo took a blue on the penultimate red and cleared with a 137. Thanks for the nice match and see you in the Masters or UK Champ next season.