Odrl : 116, 145, 108 | Barteek : 130, 114

A very good match, in terms of quality as well as excitement.

I took the first frame with a break of 116. The second frame was quite scrappy. Bartek had the first chance but got stuck at the bottom of the pack with no shot on the black. I then took control of the frame and dominated the safety exchanges to take it in four visits.

My 2-0 lead soon became 3-2 in favour of Bartek, after some heavy scoring. The first mistake I made was missing a tricky long pot by a millimeter and leaving it over the pocket for Bartek. He made a lovely total clearance of 130. The next frame saw Bartek pot two reds in the same shot, from distance, and he once again won the frame in one visit. I made another mistake in the next frame by missing the pack altogether and leaving a free ball. Bartek took some of the lower colours, so a really high break was never on, but it could have been 132 had he not broken down on the final blue.

I finally got another chance in the sixth frame, potting a good red from distance. I took one blue for a total clearance of 145 to level the match again.

I played a loose safety well into the seventh frame, but did not really leave anything easy. Bartek played a great red to the middle though, probably the best shot of the night. Once again I did not get another shot in the frame.

A bit of luck for me in the last two frames... First Bartek played an awful break-off, leaving me a sitter right away. I took the chance with another century. The decider was decided in a single visit as well. Bartek hit the knuckle of the middle pocket on a snooker escape and left the white behind the blue. I took the free ball and made a good 80 before missing a tricky red. Bartek played on for five snookers but only got one.

Thanks for a nice match and good luck next month. :)