Odrl : 104 | Attilahun : 119

A bit of a crap game so far, with lots of mistakes from both players.

I wasted my first chance by failing to split the reds, but a good safety gave me another opening to win the first frame.

Attilahun then missed a long red, moving the safety battle to the black end as a result, until he left a possible pot to the green pocket. I missed it but got everything safe, which led to another good chance. I got to about 30, then left myself awkward on the black and missed it. Attilahun had a chance to win the frame, but screwed in-off the penultimate red, so I was able to clear to win on the black.

I got a good pot in the last frame, but tied up the black, so it was always going to be a struggle. I eventually got a bad cannon when playing the blue, resting on a red with nothing on. Attilahun did not take advantage, missing a straight black off the spot. I missed the same shot a couple of minutes later, but Attilahun also broke down with three reds left. A safety battle followed, until Attilahun left a long red along the cushion, and I cleared to the black for 3-0.

A bit better in the second session. Attilahun forced me into taking a pot in the 4th frame, and I missed it, leaving him in the balls. There was work to do, but he made a good 119, ending on the final pink.

I had the chance to clinch the match in the next frame and I took it. I went for blacks after a good split, but the maximum was always going to be a problem, as two reds were tied up with the blue and pink in the middle of the table. I made a good effort to develop them, but it was not to be.

Thanks for the game and good luck for the rest of the tournament. :)