Odrl : 136, 102 | Bieniek : 114

A pretty good game...

The first two frames were high quality, Bieniek first winning the safety battle and making a nice 80 to win the frame in one visit. I replied in similar style in the next frame with a total clearance of 136.

The third frame almost followed the same pattern, Bieniek winning the safety battle and getting in good position, but he missed a black of the spot when playing with power and also pocketed a red in the same shot. There was no easy pot or easy safety, so I had Bieniek play again. He left a possible red along the cushion which I got, then did enough to steal the frame.

This time Bieniek returned the favour. I got in with a good long pot in the 4th frame, but then played a terrible positional shot and covered all of the reds with another red. I attempted a 4-ball plant but did not hit it hard enough. Bieniek did well to develop the black and clear the table.

Bieniek once again won the safety battle in the decider. I left him a fairly easy red when escaping from a snooker, but it stayed out, giving me an excellent chance. The black was tied up, but I managed to compile another century with some good breakbuilding around the pink and blue spot.

Thanks for a good game and good luck for the rest of the tournament. :)