Attilahun : 107 | Bieniek : 126

Frame 1 : A very good 126 clearance by Bienek who was in control of the frame from the beginning
Frame 2 : At one point it looked like Bienek had it in the bag, i came back and almost won it until i missed a long red. Bienek potted 3 of the last 4 reds bur had no position for the last one and played safety. After a safety battle Bienek tried to pot the last red along the cushion but left it over the pocket and i was able to clear the table and win the frame.
Frame 3 : Bienek was first on but was very very unlucky to pot a red when splitting the pack after a great shot on the black. The red were all over the table so i made a winning break to take the lead.

We finish this later today.

And i won...5-3 after a good match. My first victory over Bieniek. I led 4-1 at one point but Bieniek came back to 4-3 and almost forced a decider but was very unlucky to pot a red after potting the black, like he did yesterday. In fact Bieniek was very unlucky all the match.

Thanks for a nice match and good luck in the next tournaments