Odrl : 107 | Bieniek : 116

Fairly high quality.

I played an excellent couple of shots to get a good position on my first scoring chance. I got complacent and missed on 70, but Bieniek already needed snookers.

Bieniek had the chance in the next frame, but failed to split the reds. He played some good safety to force a free ball, then cleared to the yellow for a break of 116.

Bieniek was in again in the 3rd frame, but missed a tricky pink to the middle on 40. I made no mistake and took the lead again.

Bieniek went for a long pot in the 4th frame, but missed it, splitting the pack in the process. The opening red was tricky, but everything else was fairly routine, as I took 14 reds and 13 blacks to take a 3-1 lead. Unfortunately I did not get position on the 14th black, hitting the middle knuckle when I was trying to come out of baulk.

I took a liberty in the last frame, playing an unlikely plant which never reached the pocket. Bieniek played a good split, but was unfortunate to knock the pink in, leaving me the frame and match.

Nice warm up, but the playoff is where it really counts, and I am sure we will both feature heavily in the second half of the month. :)

Thanks for the match and good luck.