Odrl : 137, 132 | Bieniek : 127

This was a very good game...

I started with an excellent 4-ball plant in the first frame, splitting the reds in the process. I tried to stay on the black but broke down on 81 when I had to play a tricky cut.

Bieniek won the safety battle in the next frame, but missed his first black when trying to open up the pack. I took advantage with a clearance of 132.

The third frame saw a bit of delicate safety at the black end, until Bieniek took the risk by playing back to baulk. A difficult pot was on. I got it and produced another clearance of 137.

I got a similar pot in the next frame, played with deep screw, only for the white to knock the yellow in. Amazingly, the reds were split everywhere but nothing was on, so Bieniek put me back in. I tried an impossible plant and missed. Bieniek had a very difficult table, black and pink both safe, but he developed everything and made an excellent clearance of 127.

I played some excellent safety in the last frame, getting several snookers behind the green and brown close to the baulk cushion. Bieniek made two mistakes, if you can call them mistakes, because he was in a difficult position. The first chance I wasted fairly early after missing the split. The second chance was trickier, as the black was safe, but I built a good break with mostly blue and pink, a bit of complacency preventing another century.

Thanks for an excellent match and good luck at the Masters. :)