Lakowim : 126

It is the first time i say this, but i lost this match because i had a terrible bad luck during the game. All credit to Lako for taking the chances when they appeared, but the result would have been different if i wasnt so unlucky.
Frame 1 : I potted a red and split the others all over the table, but one hit the blue who went into a baulk pocket. Lako made a 70+ break to win the frame with the table at his mercy
Frame 2 I made a 94 break and won the frame
Frame 3 I missed a lond red and Lako made a superb clearance of 126, without the black to win the frame
Frame 4 I was 61 ahead with 75 on the table, potted the last red i needed in a baulk pocked but the white hit two cushions and ended in a middle pocket. LÅžako again cleared to win the frame and match

Gutted !