Andy : 116, 105, 117, 112, 111 | Bieniek : 100, 131, 138, 108, 102, 126

Andy\\\'s second shot of the match was a foul, leaving Bieniek with a free ball. Fortunately for Andy, it was a reasonable safety shot directly above the brown. Bieniek tried the pot but couldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t make it. Andy later had a chance at a red, but was cueing over the loose brown, leaving no chance to position the white well for a split and the break finished on 8. Andy left a long red in the following safety which Bieniek missed. With the reds in various clusters, Andy got to a lead of 67 with 67 left on the table but missed a the brown still at the bottom of the table trying to squeeze it through a narrow gap.

Bieniek reduced the deficiit to 51 behind with 51 on the table, and then went to safety. He made a great snooker behind a colour tight at the top cushion. With three reds loose at the bottom of the table, Adny made a good escape off two cushion to touch the bottom red.

Bieniek went for a tight cut but missed, leaving Andy the red to win the frame.

Frame 2: Andy won the safety battle and was going nicely until missing a black off the spot and potting the white. Bieniek cleared the table for 100.

Frame 3: Bieniek again took on a long red, missing the red but potting the white. Andy knocked in 80 to win the frame.

Frame 4: Andy took on a long red following the opening safety and missed it, splitting the other reds in the process. Bieniek moved comfortably to 64 before under hitting a red to the corner pocket. Andy made it to 22. With a red on both side cushions and a pair on the pink spot, Andy nudged the two in the middle, but neither potted. Andy played tight to the red near the cushion, grazing off it and then rolling back off the cushion. Bieniek took on a difficult plant but missed. Andy made a good clearance of the remaining balls, winning the frame on the black.

Frame 5: Bieniek dominated the safety, and was rewarded with the first scoring chance, getting to 73 with a lead of 69 with 57 remaining. Andy got to 35 and attempted a snooker from the final red. The plan was good but the execution poor, overhitting it slightly. Bieniek made a great pot down the cushion, after which Andy conceded.

Play will resume on Friday.