Odrl : 100, 113, 100 | Arthur : 103

Scrappy start... The first frame was very tactical, with Arthur dominating the safety battles. I made the initial break before running out of position. I was then lucky to get away with poor escapes from snookers on a couple of occasions and I eventually secured the frame.

I got in with a good pot in the next one, went for a maximum but broke down on 72. Arthur had a chance to clear but missed early.

Continues on Saturday. :)

6-3 after the second session. It was not exactly one-visit stuff. Most of the frames were won in a couple of visits. I went 3-0 ahead before Arthur compiled a break of 88 to win his first frame. I then went 5-1 ahead, making my first century in the process, before Arthur got back to 5-3. He had a great chance for 5-4 but missed a black off the spot which allowed me to clear the table and win the frame on the final black.

Decent match so far, but still waiting for the quality to pick up. :)

My breakbuilding has improved in the third session, but I cannot be happy with my safety play as I gave Arthur a chance in every frame. I won the session 5-3 in the end, even though Arthur had a nice chance for 10-7 in the last frame. Two centuries to report, a 103 from Arthur and exactly 100 from me.

I managed to finish the job in the fourth session. Arthur first made a safety error which allowed me in for another break of 100. Arthur then potted a great red at the start of the next frame, but broke down early after going in-off. I broke down as well and had to play a safety. Arthur went for a very difficult red along the cushion, missed it, and I managed to clear up and win the match.

Thanks for a nice and quick game, and I hope to see you in some tournaments next season. :)