Andy : 130, 101, 105, 105, 122, 128, 147 | Zielony : 140

Frame 1: A nice reintroduction to competitive snooker after a long break. Zielony\\\'s second shot of the frame hit the middle jaw and left a red available. Andy proceeded to clear up for a 147 which was under threat late on as the pink had been moved to the D from the early split which made the baulk colours more difficult. Position on the final black from the pink requires 2 cushions but turned out very nicely.

Frame 2: Zielony left a long pot. Andy missed. Zielony made enough to leave Andy needing snookers. After a couple of attempts, a red was left and Zielony secured the frame.

Frame 3: Andy gained the upper hand in the safety battle, and again pursued a 147 but went for an overly difficult black. The miss left nothing on, however, and after a couple of safeties, Andy was back in to wrap up the frame.

Frame 4 lasted 2 shots before a connection failure, we will try again tomorrow.

Frame 4: Andy got into the reds first and cleared the table. With the black tied up for much of the break, the score was 128.

Frame 5: In a long er frame with more safety and a couple of opportunities, Andy made the decisive snooker to make a break, this time scoring 122.

Frame 6: Andy again had the scoring chance, but more difficult as both the pink and black were unavailable. A score of 72 was plenty.

Frame 7: Andy had a nother good 147 chance but screwed the white into the middle pocket from the black. Zielony took the lead but then missed the final green, laving Andy with enough to win.

Frame 8: Zielony played a great safety which got him a scoring chance where he calmly cleared for 140.

Frame 9: Zielony twice had scoring chances but didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t convert either. He left the table with 10 reds and the pink and black spots both occupied. Andy managed to work the table to clear up with 105.

Frame 10: Zielony\\\'s first safety shot hit the middle jaw, and Andy\\\'s had another 147 opportunity. This time, however, 2 reds went in from an early split. Andy continued with the break, reaching 94 before going in off a red.

Frame 11: Andy go the scoring opportunity after 2 very good snookers behind colours close to the baulk cushion. And made it to 72 points with 67 on the table before missing a routine black. Zielony potted a great red but then missed a blue and conceded the frame.

Frame 12: Andy had another 147 opportunity but ran out of position with the difficult final reds.

Frame 13: Zielony had a free ball after an error from Andy but was unlucky when splitting the reds. 3 great pots from bad positional shots kept the break going for 101.

Frame 14: Andy potted the forst red but could not get a position on a second. After more safety, Andy got back o the table for a 130 clearance.

Frame 15: Zielony again had a chance but missed a blue to the middle. Andy wrapped up the frame and the match with an 80+ break.

Thanks to Zielony for an enjoyable match. Good luck in the new season.