Odrl : 111, 102, 123 | Attilahun : 112

Quite a fast pace, seven frames in less than three hours.

Attilahun played pretty well in the first session, most frames won in one visit, or two visits at the most.

Unfortunately my performance was disgraceful, so I could not give him a better match. I had some bad luck with splits (or was it lack of skill?) in the first part of the session, then just played poorly towards the end. I am just happy to avoid the whitewash.

Will continue tomorrow. ;)

Nervy second session. I made the first mistake but Attilahun did not take advantage, so I took the first frame with a decent break. The second frame was quite scrappy. I wasted three good scoring chances, I think Attilahun wasted two himself, until I finally made a good break to make it 6-3.

We shall continue later tonight. :)

What an epic final session to end what was surely one of the greatest matches I have ever played in the league.

I tried my best to get back into the match and won a cagey opening frame to make it 6-4. I then had a great chance to make it 6-5, but finished on nothing easy after the split. I got another chance later in the frame, but missed a tricky black to the middle. Attilahun then produced an excellent clearance to win the frame on the pink and put himself on the brink of victory.

And he got even closer in the next frame, in the balls to make it 8-4, but lost position on the final red and missed it. I was able to clear to the pink to stay in the match.

I then finally got some breakbuilding going, breaks of 102 and 123 to force the decider. I needed three chances to win it. Attilahun first played what he described as \"the worst shot he played all night\", leaving me a nice starter. I could not get a tricky positional shot from baulk though, so had to settle for a safety. I got an almost identical chance a few shots later, but screwed in-off the pink to the middle. Nothing was left though, so I was able to get another chance. By this time the black was tied up, so I had to focus on the blue and the baulk colours. I made a pretty good winning break, although I have to admit I had some luck here and there.

I have to say I was very impressed with Attilahun in this match. He pretty much kicked my ass in the first session with some high scoring, and he held his own in the last session, even though I played quite negatively and methodically. I was lucky to win in the end really. I would not even call it experience, because I never felt like I had any edge in shot selection or unconventional safety at any point in the match.

I think we shall have many more playoff battles in the coming events, particularly if certain former champions really do chicken out of playing next season. :)

Once again, thanks for a great match, and good luck next month. :)