Bieniek : 140 | Odrl : 124, 108

A struggle for Bieniek in the first session, and a result which will be difficult to overturn.

Frame 1: Bieniek got a good cut from distance, but missed the next red. I cleared the table with a break of 124.

Frame 2: A good safety forced the error from Bieniek, and I once again took my scoring chance, just missing out on the century.

Frame 3: A couple of scoring chances needed. Bieniek was first in, but missed the split. He got another chance, but lost position and played safe. The frame was ultimately decided when Bieniek pushed a plant on after a snooker escape. I got it, then did enough in one visit.

Frame 4: A very scrappy frame, both players wasting a couple of chances. Bieniek really should have made in 3-1, but a couple of poor shots put him 4-0 behind.

Frame 5: Another early chance for me after Bieniek left a red on from a snooker escape. This time I played a split off the red, and as usual, the white went in. With the reds spread, Bieniek made a good 90 to win his first frame.

Frame 6: I got another early scoring chance, this time making no mistake. Unfortunately I went in-off the penultimate red, just missing out on the century again.

Frame 7: Bieniek failed to hit the reds when playing away from the pack and left a free ball. I played on the black, got a decent split, then went for a 155. With a couple of reds left, I played myself out of position and missed a tricky pot.

Frame 8: Bieniek left a red when escaping from my fluked snooker. This time I went for a 147, but had to settle for lower colours pretty early on. I could not split the last couple of reds, so I missed out on the century again.

Frame 9: This time I left a free ball after knocking in the green on a safety shot. Bieniek made an excellent 16-red clearance of 140.

Frame 10: I played thick off the reds when partially snookered, which left a possible cut at the back of the pack. Bieniek got it and split the reds nicely. He then made another good break to win the frame in one visit.

Frame 11: Bieniek made a safety error to let me in. I took a couple of loose reds, then played a mediocre split and finished on nothing. I played a poor safety and left a pot on for Bieniek. He got it, then missed the brown to the bottom corner. I cleared to the black with a break of 108 to win the match.

Thanks for a nice game and good luck next month. :)