Bieniek : 123, 126, 127, 133 | Odrl : 121, 128

An excellent night of snooker, one of the highest quality matches I have been involved in.

Frame 1: I forced the error and got the first opening, but broke down early after the split did not go my way. I only had a very tricky pot to the baulk corner on and I missed it. Bieniek then cleared the table with a 126.

Frame 2: I played a 4-ball plant in the pack and missed it. I split the balls everywhere, making the table quite messy, with the black covered. It did not bother Bieniek however, as he made what was probably the best break of the night, a total clearance of 123.

Frame 3: Bieniek played a risky snooker escape and left a free ball. I immediately played onto the black and split the reds. I went out of my way to stay on the black a couple of times, but it just got harder and harder as a couple of balls ended up covering one another in the baulk area. I did my best to pot 16 blacks, but I was almost dead straight on the last black, and tight on the cushion as well. I tried to just miss the jaws with a lot of side, but could not avoid wobbling the white. This meant there was no way of potting the yellow, so the break ended on 128.

Frame 4: Bieniek had a similar chance for a 155 after I missed the reds on a safety shot. He was in control for most of the break, but had to take a pink after not being able to force the white back onto the black on one shot. He got to 127, still on a possible 154, but missed a tricky yellow.

Frame 5: I knocked a red out of the pack and was lucky to cover it, but Bieniek got a crazy cut at the edge of the pack. This time he finally broke down after missing the split attempt and then snookering himself on a loose red off the brown. I won the following safety battle and made a nice clearance of 121.

Frame 6: I would not say I played a loose safety, but I did leave a possible tricky pot, and Bieniek did not disappoint. He split the reds everywhere, again messing up the black, but once again it did not bother him as he made a break of 93, the only frame without a century.

Frame 7: A similar story... I made a slight mistake which turned out to be my last shot of the match. Once again Bieniek split the balls everywhere from his opening shot. I sometimes struggle when the balls are not around the black spot, but Bieniek had no problem whatsoever with that type of break building tonight, another total clearance of 133.

I can honestly say this was the best anyone other than Andy has ever played against me. I am usually annoyed after I lose, and I try to analyze where it all went wrong for me, but there is no point this time. I did everything right and still lost. :)

Thanks for a great match, and if you play Andy in the next round, please kick his ass. :)