Odrl : 134

A quick game where I finally managed to play some good snooker.

Frame 1: Bartek went for a tricky pot from distance, missed it, and left everything on. The black was obscured in the early part of the break, so I mostly played blues, and once I got the black open, the clearance was on. I made a break of 134.

Frame 2: I played some excellent safety, getting several snookers and finally forcing an error from Bartek. I then made a break of 94, missing a routine red on my way to another possible century.

Frame 3: Bartek played a good safety to get his first scoring chance. He only managed 8 points before breaking down. A couple of safety shots later Bartek missed the pack and left a free ball. I immediately played onto the black and got the reds open. I then got to 68 points before playing a poor positional shot. I only had a tough pot to the green pocket on, and I missed it. The remaining reds were in very awkward positions, but Bartek made an excellent break to give himself a chance of winning the frame. He finished slightly low on the final pink, so he had to play it with a lot of side to get on the black. He finished almost touching the black, six points in front. He played away, but missed the black completely. I was surprised to see the frame continuing, as a foul on the final black ends the frame in real life. But anyway, after a good safety exchange Bartek played the white into the jaws of the green pocket, almost an in-off, angling me on the black. I hit it, but left it on for Bartek to take the frame.

Frame 4: I got a good pot from distance, then played a split, but got stuck in the pack. I played a containing safety shot, then got another scoring chance pretty quickly, after Bartek made a safety error. I did enough to win the frame in that visit.

Frame 5: Bartek played an aggressive break-off shot by mistake. I offered to play on and just landed up to a red. Bartek mishit his reply, leaving a red on. I then offered to restart the frame, to avoid any controversy, but Bartek was happy to carry on, since it was him that made the mistake in the first place. I then secured the frame and match in one visit.

Thanks for the game and good luck for the rest of the event. :)