Attilahun : 106

Frame 1 - After some safety shots Barteek had the fisrt chance but broke down on 40+, then i had a chance my self but missed the final yellow. Barteek potted it and the green and missed the brown. I potted the brown and cleared the table for 1-0.
Frame 2 - Another long safety battle and after that i managed to make a 106 century and won the frame.
Continues tomorrow.

Frame 3 - A lot of errors from both players, but after Barteek missed a black off the spot a cleared to win the frame
Frame 4 - Barteek won the frame after he potted a brilliant red along the cushion when 37 ahed with 43 on the table.
Frame 5 - A good 70+ break from Barteek won him the frame and made the score 3-2
Frame 6 - A very tense one. I led 57-53 and we had a long safety battle on the final brown. i got a snooker behind the pink and Barteek leaved the brown on. That was frame over as i potted brown to pink and won the frame and match.

A good match played in great atmosphere. Good luk Barteek.