Lucky to have won all three frames in the first session.

I made an 87 in the first frame, after Attilahun missed a red from distance. It was a good break, never in trouble.

Attilahun then had the first chance in the second frame, but did not get a good split. After a safety battle I went for a red to the baulk corner and missed it, handing Attilahun another chance. He broke down fairly quickly though, missing a black off the spot. I got back into the frame, played a safety with three reds left, then got back to the table to pot two of them. I missed the blue and went in-off when playing position on the final red, giving Attilahun a free ball. He was on his way to winning the frame, but lost position and missed a tricky final blue. I then cleared for 2-0.

The third frame was similar. Attilahun left a red from a snooker escape. I made a 60 break, then missed a simple black off the spot with the frame almost won. Attilahun had a chance to clear up, but had a bit of bad luck and potted two reds in one shot. This ultimately resulted in him needing a snooker, which he failed to get.

Continues tomorrow. :)

The final frame was a pretty scrappy affair. Attilahun had the first chance, but did not get position on a lone loose red. I then won the next safety battle and made a decent break to put myself in a commanding position. We played some more safety, then I got back to the table first, and with a 50-point lead already, the frame was over.

Thanks for the game and good luck for the rest of the event. This group could get very interesting, all players still in with a chance. :)