Barteek : 135, 142 | Odrl : 122

A good match, a couple of high breaks and a few silly mistakes as well.

Frame 1: Bartek got a good red for the first opening, but was incredibly unlucky to go in-off from the split. I then had the perfect chance to win the frame, but missed a black off the spot. Bartek cleared with a 94.

Frame 2: A red ended up near the baulk line in the safety exchange. Bartek tried to play a snooker behind the yellow from a touching ball, but he left a possible cut to the middle. I missed it. Bartek then made an excellent 135 total clearance.

Frame 3: Bartek again had the initial chance after I fouled and left a free ball. He played a poor positional shot and missed a tricky red, with the frame far from won. I then took most of the reds, but ran out of position on the penultimate one. I played a safety. The ending to the frame was very peculiar. A red was on the side cushion, but it was extremely tight past the pink to the baulk corner. Bartek played a safety shot onto the cushion, directly behind the red, but I decided it did not go and played a safety towards the black spot. Bartek then smashed the red in down the cushion, making me look very stupid indeed. :) He could only pot the blue off it, which meant he needed at least the pink off the final red which was on the baulk cushion. He had an easy blue for a re-spot, but opted for the tricky pink and missed it. 2-1.

Frame 4: Bartek left a blind-pocket cut from a snooker escape. I got it, split the reds everywhere, but finished near the pink spot, snookered on every colour. I attempted a safety towards the yellow off two cushions, hit the yellow, but still left everything on. Bartek took the loose reds, then missed the brown, played with lots of side to force position. He did not finish on a red, but there was a 4-ball plant available. I compiled a 122 break for 2-2.

Frame 5: This time there was a 5-ball plant available. Or was it? I missed it, giving Bartek a good scoring opportunity. He did not disappoint, another total clearance, this time a 142.

Frame 6: Bartek first in again after a poor safety. He loosened a couple of reds, but did not score enough. He played a poor positional shot, then went for a crazy blind-pocket shot and split the reds everywhere. I had a great chance to force the decider, but played a crap shot to leave myself a tricky green. After I missed, Bartek did enough to win frame and match.

Good luck in your other matches. :)