Odrl : 118, 130, 114

A very pleasant match, played in a good atmosphere. I played really well for the second match in a row, which is surprising these days, and this time it was enough to give me the result I wanted.

Frame 1: Attilahun brought a red out of the pack, but got the white in a good spot behind the brown. I could see the edge of the pack, so I was able to play a good reply and force the opening. I then made a break of 118.

Frame 2: Attilahun missed the reds on a safety shot, leaving a free ball and a 155 chance. I played the brown, off two cushions onto the black, an identical shot to the one Davo played against me the previous day. I then got a good split and took all the easy reds. I had a problem with two reds on the side cushion near the middle pocket. I played to cannon them, and it looked like I tied them up even worse at first glance, but they were actually a plant to the middle pocket. I had to play the 15th red to the yellow pocket, and I finished dead straight on the black. I played a deep screw and left myself an easy long pot on the yellow, but the natural angle was taking the white into the pink, which was on the baulk cushion. I did not want to play a deep screw either, because I would have needed to elevate the cue a lot. In the end I tried to play through a small gap around the pink, but played it poorly, snookering myself on the green. This ended the break on 130. On reflection, I should have played it off two cushions with lots of side, a shot someone like Davo would probably get quite easily. Unfortunately I did not think of it at the time, and it is not my forte anyway. A wasted opportunity...

Frame 3: The scrappiest frame of the match, a couple of scoring chances for both players. I ran out of position on my initial break, then missed a plant and left it on for Attilahun. He potted a couple of reds, but then missed a long blue. I wrapped up the frame on my next visit.

Frame 4: I brought a red out of the pack but was lucky to cover it. Attilahun moved it, but left it on. I then played a split off the green, missing the pack altogether. After another safety exchange, a red went loose from the pack, so we moved the safety exchange down to the black end of the table. We both played into the pack off the cushion for a while, until Attilahun went through the reds and left a blind-pocket cut. I missed it, giving him the first chance. He was very unlucky not to finish on a colour after splitting the reds everywhere, so he did not really have a shot on. He went for an impossible cut on the black, leaving me in for a break of 114.

Attilahun is certainly a respectable player at this point, with the potential to become very dangerous in the future. I had to work for my openings, but luckily I played really well this time, and got a good result, especially if the group is decided on frame difference.

Thanks for a good game, and good luck for the rest of the tournament. :)