Bieniek : 107, 105

A really good quality match. And another one i lost in the decider.
Frame 1 Attilahun made a 80+ break
Frame 2 Bienek made a 90+ break
Frame 3 Bienek scored a very good 105 century break
Frame 4 Attilahun won it due to a 80+ break
Frame 5 Bienek scored 57 and run out of position. After a safety battle Attilahun poted a difficult red along the cushion and made a 84 clearance to win the frame
Frame 6 Another good century from Bienek, this time it was an 107.
Frame 7 Attilahun was first among the balls but scored only 30 and missed a difficult thin cut to a middle pocket. Bienek responded with a 57 break and missed the last red. Attilahun potted the red, black and yellow only to lose position on the green. It was Bienek who potted the green after a safety battle and then cleared to win the frame and match.
Thanks for a great match.