Andy : 107, 125, 104 | Selbynho : 111, 111

Session 1: The session finished at 2-2. Much quicker than usual with safety battles being won very early in the frame. All frames were won in one visit.

Session 2:

Frame 5:Selby was playing some very good safety and Andy made a poor decision. Selby took his chance and scored his second 111 of the match to lead 3-2.

Frame 6: Selby again won the safety battle and quickly got to 58 points. However, he ran out of position and then missed the a long red. Andy kept his composure to clear the table to win the frame with a 74. 3-3.

Frame 7: Again with the first scoring chance after a superb snooker, Selby potted the red and tried to move a red which was blocking the black. He did so but left himself a long way below the black with a difficult blind cut shot. He missed the black and scattered the reds all over the table. Fortunately for him, he left no red pottable. Andy did his best to play a snooker in the but left it short, but left the white in a position that only let a tricky plant. Selby took it on but missed. After a red and black, And played a very poor positional shot and missed the next red. Selby got back to the table but left himself tight against a cushion. With a relatively simple pot to the yellow pocket, he didn\\\'t hit it hard enough, leaving it in front of the pocket. After both players seemingly doing their best to lose the frame, Andy cleared the remaining table for 107. 4-3.

As Selby pointed out during the last important shots of the break, he had a chance to be 4-2 up and has ended up 4-3 down. Exciting tournament snooker!

Session 3...

Frame 8: Andy won the safety and got to about 50 before running out of position. Playing for a tight snooker behind the green left Selby in trouble and he left a red and Andy secured the frame.

Frame 9: There was a longer safety battle this time. Selby eventually won it with a great snooker that knocked a red out and got close behind the yellow. However, and error on a red left a tricky black fro the jaws and a double click meant a missed black. More safety from there. Andy eventually got a couple of snookers and potted a 4 ball plant from the escape. That led to a 110 break to finish the match.

Thanks for a good match, see you in the next final. You promised!