Odrl : 116, 112

A one-sided start, Barteek struggled a bit, while I played pretty well.

I got an early chance after Barteek hit the knuckle on a safety shot. I took a couple of reds with blacks, until I left myself without an angle to play the split. I attempted it off the yellow, but had to settle for a safety shot. Barteek was unlucky to leave a plant on his return which allowed me to secure the frame.

The second frame was similar, Barteek played a poor break-off shot and left a long red on. I got it, but finished awkwardly on the black. I played position off five cushions for a loose red and got it perfectly. After that I split the reds and compiled a break of 116.

I played an ambitious cut in the third frame, allowing Barteek his first chance. He snookered himself on all the colours after playing the split off the second red. He played an alright safety, but I found a great cut to get in. I made about 40 before playing poor position and missing a tricky red. Barteek got another chance, but lost position and had to play another safety shot. It was not a good one however, and I made it 3-0 in my next visit.

I am sure Barteek will play much better in the second session. This match is not over yet. :)

A nice second session. I first got in with a 5-ball plant, but the black was awkward, so I struggled with position. I eventually broke down, giving Barteek a chance, but he could not split the last two reds. After a couple of containing shots, I took a risk and opened them up. It was a question of millimeters, but I just managed to get the snooker. This ultimately forced the error and gave me the fourth frame.

The fifth frame was similar. I got in with a double, playing it as a half safety. I split the reds and got to about 40, before missing a relative sitter. Barteek made no mistake and cleared the table.

The last frame of the match saw Barteek give away an early free ball. I immediately played on the black and split the reds. Quite a few reds went awkward, so a 155 was unlikely, but I still managed to get to 112 before missing the penultimate red.

Thanks for a nice match, as usual, and good luck in the next event. :)