Andy : 111 | Zielony : 100

Frame 1: A crazy opener. Andy had the first opening from the safety but potted the white as well as the red. Zielony then had the next chance but could also not build a break. After some more sustained safety, Andy had a chance, potting a red and scattering the reds all over the table. Unfortunately, three reds blocked possible pots of colours. With virtually no safety options, Andy left a chance. Zielony got into a break but ran out of luck with a bad split after a shot before of incredible luck, hitting a pot offline, clipping another ball and then going in. That was enough for Andy to wrap up the frame.

Frame 2 saw Andy make a break of 95, potting the white off the final red.

Frame 3: Andy again won the frame with a major break.

Frame 4: Zielony took advantage of a safety error by Andy, and scored a nice 100 to win the frame.

Frame 5: Andy responded with a century of his own, with 111.

Frame 6, Andy had a 155 chance but missed the black with 3 difficult reds remaining on the table.

Thanks, and good luck in the future.