Odrl : 139, 111

A good match so far. I wish I could say it was fun, but getting your ass kicked is rarely fun. :)

No centuries in the first five frames, but a couple of frames were won in one visit. Barteek played a very good tactical game. I only had four scoring visits, while Barteek had nine.

I actually think I played reasonably well, but was still outclassed. Luckily we could not finish the match in one session, so perhaps a chance to regroup? :)

A great conclusion to the match as I finally found some form, while Barteek struggled a bit tonight. I made breaks of 67, 111 and 139 to win the first three frames in one visit, and force the decider. I am particularly proud of the 111 break, as the only black I potted was the final one, it was mostly pinks before that.

Barteek had one chance to take the match, but ran out of position and missed a tough red to the baulk pocket. The decider was a different story however. I made an unforced safety error, unfortunately some complacency creeping in again. Barteek then missed a sitter, admitting to being quite nervous, but he did not leave anything easy. I had to go for a thin cut which turned out to be my last relevant shot of the frame. Barteek made a very nice 65 to win the match 5-4. I actually played on for ten snookers, getting three, but it was too much to ask in the end.

Very well played to Barteek, I am glad I was able to make a match of it tonight. Perhaps more importantly, I gave myself a chance of going through if I win my other two matches.

Good luck for the rest of the tournament, looking forward to playing you again. :)

Mecz tak jak kolega napisał ja mogę jedynie powiedzieć że ciesze się ze zwycięstwa ale forma gdzieś uciekła , liczę że wróci i uda się awansować. Dziękuje za dobry mecz i powodzenia w pozostałych meczach