Andy : 128, 118

Hard fought first three frames, especially the early-frame safety battles.

There was more than 40min of safety in the first frame, although each player also attempted a pot and got away with it. Odrl then had the first chance and missed a slightly tricky long green. Andy then missed a black off the spot, allowing Odrl a second chance. The last red was tied up, so a safety battle ultimately decided the frame in Andy\\\'s favour.

Andy won the second frame convincingly, a good long pot followed by a total clearance of 128, including a couple of nice pots towards the end.

The third frame was scrappy again. Odrl had two chances, first not getting on the black after a red to the yellow pocket. Andy then wasted his chance by playing two colours in a row, before Odrl got back to the table, but was left on nothing after the split. Andy then cleared the table with 95 for a 3-0 lead.

Andy has now won 32 of the last 45 frames against Odrl. :)

A more enjoyable second session for me, even though I still lost the match. A lot of containing safety played in the first frame, until Andy made a mistake. I got past snookers required in one visit. Andy played on, but could not get the snookers he needed.

The second frame was similar, I unexpectedly won the safety battle and got a good pot to the middle pocket. Unfortunately I knocked a plant into the middle pocket off the split, and Andy took his chance by clearing the table with 118.

See you in the playoff. :)