Barteek : 104

Quite a quick game in the first session, with very little safety played. The standard of break building was ok, although not exactly one-visit stuff.

Barteek left a red from a snooker escape in the first frame, Odrl won the frame with a 78. The second frame was similar, a red left from an escape, but this time Odrl only made 1, before missing a brown. Barteek could not take his chance however, as a very unlucky in-off ended his break.

The third frame was quite scrappy, a couple of bad shots on both sides. Odrl ultimately won the frame on the colours.

Barteek then pulled two frames back. First an excellent break of 104, with some very difficult pots to reach the century mark, then a clearance of 70 to win on the pink, after Odrl went in-off with a 60-point lead.

And the finish... Barteek left a possible red to the middle at an awkward angle. I got it, cannoned the black to the cushion, but still went for it. The split was on as well, so within two shots I had a golden chance to win the match. I made 95, unfortunately missing a fairly easy red.

Thanks for a nice match and good luck for the rest of the tournament. :)