Andy : 118, 147 | Bieniek : 110, 115

A good close match.

Frame 1: Both players had chances but Andy made the most of his second or third chance to make a 90+ break for the frame.

Frame 2: After a gtood early snooker. Bieniek fouled. From the forced retake he left a red. Andy stayed on the black for a 147.

Frame 3: Andy had a chance but could not convert it. Bieniek wrapped up the frame with a 70.

Frame 4: After Andy\'s bad safety mistake after Bieniek\'s break, Bieniek made a confident 115.

Frame 5: Andy won the safety battle and looked to clear with another 147. With three clustered reds remaining he did not get a favourable split and the break ended on 96.

Frame 6: Andy won the safety battle but missed a difficult early yellow which was thw only available colour after the split. Bieniek secured the frame with a 110 break.

Frame 7 - The decider: Tense safety play early on, particularly after Bieniek attempted a long pot which left a red open but safe. Andy took on a reasonably difficult red to the middle and sank it. The split tied up the black and left an awkward table with many balls blocking each other. On 58, trouble loomed after hitting the reds open again, with only the pink available and no obvious safety. With the white below the black spot, Andy smashed the pink into the green pocket. A nervous shot, but one that secured the chance to win the farme, which was completed with a 118 total clearance.

Thanks for a great game and good luck.