Andy : 132, 128, 109, 147, 109, 121 | Bieniek : 127, 107, 111, 106, 104

Session 1: 4-3

Very poor snooker form both players, with many misses and bad positional shots leading to lots of chances in all frames except one. Bieniek redeemed the match with a century on a supermaximum chance, but otherwise both players hope for better quality snooker next time.

Session 2: 4-2

An improved session of snooker, but still some bad luck involved. In the first 3 frames, Bieniek had the first scoring opportunity and then lost the chance. In the first, Andy missed, allowing Bieniek to return to win the frame with a 106. The next 2 frames saw Andy hit 128 and 110. Another Bieniek win saw the score back to within one frame at 6-5. Andy won another frame after both players had chances. The final frame of the session saw a good snooker by Andy. After Bieniek could not leave it safe, Andy cleared the table nicely with a 147.

Continues tomorrow...

Session 3: 4-3

Some better quality snooker again, but still a number of errors and Bieniek suffering from some bad luck again. Andy won the first 4 frames of the session, with one century of 109. Bieniek then fought back with 3 wins, including a 104 in the final frame.

Session 4: 3-2

Bieniek won the first 2 frames with centuries to pull back to 12-10, with Andy only having 5 shots. Andy then won the next frame with about 80. In the next frame and scored 60 but could not develop the remaining reds. A long safety battle ensued. Andy made the error, leaving a red available. Bieniek potted it but also potted the white. And then secured the frame.

In the final frame of the session, Andy won the safety battle and cleared up for 132.

Final Session: Andy potted a red immediately after Bieniek\'s break, but had no easy colour and missed a yellow. Biniek then made a small break but had the same problem and also missed a yellow. Andy then won the frame.

In what turned out to be the final frame, Andy got to the table first after a good snooker, but could not pot any reds from the split. After playing safe, Bieniek took on a very difficult pot and missed. And cleared the table for 121.

Thanks for the match, good luck in 2012.