Andy : 137, 117 | Odrl : 115, 141

After almost four hours of play, we managed to complete the first three frames. It was not high-quality stuff, but the fighting spirit of both players cannot be questioned! :)

Frame 1: A marathon 90-minute frame. The early highlights include Andy missing the pack, trying to split it off the black, and wasting a free ball opportunity by going in-off. I then got a good plant but finished snookered on the colours. After some safety, I played a tricky red to the middle pocket, which frustratingly went in and out of the pocket, leaving Andy in again. I honestly cannon even remember how that finished, but the frame was still not won. I had another chance after potting a good long red, but I got an unlucky split. The frame was then decided on the last red. We played a long negative exchange with the red on the side cushion, until Andy played it towards the green pocket, which was covered by the green. After another exchange, Andy left the red near the brown, allowing a chance at a delicate snooker, but my touched proved pretty poor, as I left it on. I played on for snookers later, but got nowhere near. Good frame! :)

Frame 2: The shortest frame of the session. After a good safety battle, Andy left a difficult long red, but I missed it. That left Andy with a great scoring chance and he made a superb total clearance of 137.

Frame 3: Another very long safety battle. I tried extremely hard to put Andy in trouble, and after about half an hour, I finally succeeded. :) I then quickly wasted my first scoring chance, failing to split the pack. Andy made another mistake, but once again, I played myself out of position long before winning the frame. Andy had a scoring chance himself, but he cannoned the black and finished out of position. After some more safety, Andy got a good snooker. I left a free ball on my escape, which allowed Andy to clear the table for 3-0.

Might continue later tonight...

A very successful second session for me, the match is close again. :)

Frame 4: I got the first chance after getting a lucky snooker, but never got in prime position. I was again lucky to get the second chance. Andy got me in a virtual snooker, but I played a risky thick contact and left the white in the jaws of the right corner pocket. That left Andy with no safety, so he had to go for a very difficult pot. He missed, leaving me in for a break of 115.

Frame 5: Andy played a shot that was not really on, scattering the reds everywhere in the process. I cleared the table with a 141.

Frame 6: I overhit a delicate containing safety, leaving Andy in. His struggled with position and eventually missed a tricky pot. He covered it, but just about left the possibility of a plant. I made another good break, a 95, missing a relatively easy black for another century. 3-3.

Frame 7: Some more delicate safety at the black end of the table. I played the white straight into the middle pocket, leaving Andy with an easy chance from hand. Once again, he failed to win the frame in one visit, missing a pink. This time I only scored three points, failing to split the pack, and having to play a tricky red along the cushion. I covered it, so Andy had to play it off the cushion. That meant he could not gain good position for a split. A lengthy exchange of safety followed, with some good shots on both sides, until I left a pot from distance. Andy then made enough to win the frame and regain the lead after the opening day. :)

Looking forward to a great conclusion, probably tomorrow. :)

No chance whatsoever tonight, as Andy played his best snooker to win the match 7-3.

Frame 8: A nice opening safety exchange, until I left a long red. Andy got it, and nicely cannoned the reds at the same time. He followed it up with a break of 117 to the black.

Frame 9: A marathon frame, probably around 90 minutes again! Andy had a scoring chance early on, after I hit the middle knuckle, but he failed to split the pack. What followed was an hour of safety play. The pack developed into a very narrow shape, and the baulk colours all ended up on the baulk cushion. This meant that absolutely no progress was being made, so Andy suggested a re-rack, but we played on for a while. I was on the lookout for plants and finally saw a half chance. Unfortunately, I underhit it, so it did not reach the pocket. The table was not perfect at that point, but Andy made a solid break to win the frame.

Frame 10: Again a reasonably lengthy safety battle, with Andy ending up the winner again. I left an easy red from distance and the frame was gone. :)

An excellent display of snooker from the new number one, I did not pot a ball all evening, at least not while the game was still \"alive\". :)

Until we meet again...