Bieniek : 116 | Odrl : 103, 134

An incredibly quick game, the first six frames played in less than two hours. The safety battles were all very short. :)

Frame 1: Bieniek hit the knuckle of the middle pocket on his first safety. I made a break of 103. I was out of position once, but was lucky to have a straight black to the green pocket.

Frame 2: I got a snooker and was left with a chance after Bieniek\'s escape. I made a break of 50, before playing a weak split attempt, leaving me with no pot and a tough safety. Bieniek took the chance very well and cleared for 1-1.

Frame 3: Another knuckle and another early chance for me. This time I made a break of 75. Bieniek played on for snookers, but did not get them.

Frame 4: It was my turn to hit the knuckle, which gave Bieniek and early chance. After a couple of unlucky attempts to split the pack, Bieniek was left with no shot on. After a couple of safety shots, Bieniek left a possible plant on his escape from a snooker. I got it, but only had a very difficult green available. I played an excellent pot and did enough to win the frame.

Frame 5: After some safety, Bieniek fouled and left a free ball. I potted the yellow, but went in-off with the white. A couple of shots later, I got another long pot. I played the yellow, but the white finished in just about the only spot where there were no reds available. I attempted a tough plant and missed it. Bieniek then made a good break to win the frame.

Frame 6: I got another long pot, this time with more luck on position. I made a 50, before playing a safety shot. There was a short exchange, then Bieniek found an excellent pot. The yellow and green were a bit awkward, so Bieniek had to play a safety on the green. It was not safe enough though, as I managed to pot it and get a 4-2 lead after the first session.

We managed to finish the match in the evening...

Frame 7: I potted a three-ball plant to give myself a great chance. I played on the black, which was very tight, and I somehow convinced myself it was potable. Of course it was not. :) Bieniek then made a good break to pull a frame back.

Frame 8: I went for a risky long pot, splitting the reds everywhere, and missed it. Bieniek made an excellent break of 116 to draw level at 4-4.

Frame 9: I intentionally knocked a red out of the pack with a safety shot. We both played a couple of cautious safety shots to cover it, before Bieniek left a possible pot. I got it and made an 80.

Frame 10: A similar scenario. I played a red away from the pack. It went on the side cushion. Once Bieniek left it potable, I went for it with a bit of side to get on the black. I then cleared the table with 134 for victory.

One of the most fun matches in recent times, thank you very much. I look forward to our next match. :)