Andy : 116, 148, 137, 139

In the first session, both players had chances with Selby making the best of his to take a 2-1 lead.

Session 2:
After long safety Andy had the first chance at a red. It went in and split the reds all over the table but left only an unpottable black visible. A well paced safety off the cusihion left Selby on 2 potting chances, both very difficult. He just missed one along the bottom cushion, leaving a chance for Andy to wrap up the frame with 116.

In the next frame Andy got a good snooker. Selby left the white just next to the pink for a close free ball. Andy took his chance, clearing for 148.

Selby had the first scoring opportunity next, but potted the white going into the pack from the blue. Andy secured the frame.

Andy had the first chance again in the next frame, clearing for 137.

In the 8th frame, Andy put Selby in another good snooker. This time Selby left the white touching the pink. With the black tied up a supermaximum was not possible, so Andy made sure of the frame with a 139 clearance.

Some great safety battles throughout. Thanks and good luck :)