Andy : 137, 141, 152, 121, 103, 133

Not a great standard at all in the first session. Andy had two great total clearances, but other than that, we both needed a lot of scoring chances.

I was very lucky to finish at 3-3, because Andy was coming from behind in each of the frames I won. On a better day, it could have been 6-0. :)


Session 2: Another session marked early on by both players making mistakes and inviting the other player to take the frame. Odrl won the first frame to take the lead for the first time. Then, floowing a good snooker by Andy, Odrl left a free ball. Andy cleared the table for a 152.

Odrl then won another scrappy frame to lead again 5-4. Andy then won another close frame to tie at 5-5.

Some quality was retored after this with Andy wrapping up the next three frames with centuries to win the match after some close safety battles.

Both players were clearly not at their best and any scoreline would have been justified by much of the play. Andy was fortunate to take a few more chances.

Thanks and good luck in future. I got you back ;)