Barteek : 131 | Odrl : 105, 116

A very nice session of snooker. :)

Frame 1: I hit the middle knuckle on my second safety shot. Barteek punished the early mistake with a break of 81.

Frame 2: By far the scrappiest frame of the match. Barteek missed an attempted snooker behind the black, leaving a pot to the green pocket. I got it, but quickly ran out of position. I played a red to a blind pocket, missed it. Barteek also lost position pretty quickly, and could only play a safety. He left a couple of options from distance, but I could not take advantage. Barteek then missed a sitter on the black cushion, followed by an unlucky in-off from me. The table was pretty messy at that point, but Barteek finally made a good break to take a 2-0 lead.

Frame 3: After a good safety, Barteek left me an opportunity, which I took with a break of 105.

Frame 4: This time it was me who missed a snooker behind the black, but Barteek could not pot the red. I then worked extremely hard for a break of 60, to win the frame in one visit.

Frame 5: I left Barteek a long pot, which he got. He was unlucky to lose position, finishing almost behind the brown. He only had a difficult plant to go for, but he missed. I cleared the table with 116 to take the lead for the first time in the match.

Frame 6: I went for a long pot and got it. I was able to make a 50, before running out of position. Luckily, there was an easy containing safety available. Barteek left another chance on his reply, which was enough for me to win the frame.

Frame 7: Barteek played a break-off where the reds were a bit looser than usual. I left a possible long pot on my first safety shot, but Barteek missed it. I made an 88 to win the frame in one visit and lead 5-2.

Frame 8: I went for an ambitious double and missed it. It was on for Barteek, but he could not split the reds. I then played an attacking safety, covering a loose red with the pack. Barteek found a good reply. I overhit my next shot, giving him a good chance. He made a beautiful clearance of 131.

Frame 9: After a long safety battle, I got a plant, but I had little chance to split the reds. More safety followed. I then put a red over the middle pocket, covering it with the pack. After a quick safety exchange, I left it on for Barteek. He lost position and missed a very difficult yellow. I made a good break to go within one frame of victory.

Frame 10: Barteek hit the middle knuckle early in the frame, giving me an excellent chance. I first missed the split, but was lucky to have another red available. I was able to split the pack off the red, but finished too high on the black. I missed the pot, and had some extraordinary luck not to leave anything on. I got an angle on one red, and covered another with the blue. Barteek did not really have a safety on, so he left me a half chance, which I took. I made another break over 80, an in-off preventing another century.

Thank you for a very good match, and good luck in the next event. :)