Odrl : 116

A surprisingly one-sided scoreline, but I had to work my ass off to get it. :)

Frame 1: A very scrappy start. There was a bit of negative safety early in the frame, until Andy left a red to the middle. The black was not available, so I only made about 20, before trying to develop it. Unfortunately, I snookered myself on all colours. Luckily there were no reds available though, so there was another safety battle. Andy left another pot through a gap in the reds, but I missed it and covered it. It was on the cushion near the pocket, so I was able to cut it in on my next shot. But once again, I managed to snooker myself on all colours. This time I left Andy a scoring chance, but he had a very unlucky in-off when going into the reds. I managed to win the frame on my third attempt.

Frame 2: An excellent frame of snooker! I left a touching ball on a snooker escape, which enabled Andy to put me in trouble. There was a loose red on each side of the pack, so I had a tricky escape. I just about left a pot for Andy. He made a break of 62, before losing position. We then played a short safety battle, with the reds scattered across the table. Andy made a mistake, but left quite a difficult table. I made perhaps one of my best ever clearances to win on the black.

Frame 3: This time Andy left a red when escaping from a snooker. I took the chance with a break of 98, missing an easy penultimate red, with 141 still on.

Frame 4: The longest safety battle of the match, around 20 minutes I reckon. I looked at a couple of plants, but decided against them. I finally made a mistake, trying to play back to baulk off the pink, but the pink cannoned a red away from the pack. Andy took the chance, also just missing out on a century.

Frame 5: Andy played a poor break off, leaving a possible pot, but a very difficult one. I went for it, looking for some sort of safety at the same time. There was none, the reds split everywhere, but luckily, I got the pot. The black was not available, which is usually a bad sign for me. But this time, I cleared the table with 116. :)

The first time I have beaten a top3 player. Thank you for an excellent match, and good luck for the rest of the tournament. :)

I told you I would get you. :p